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English for every need. English For SUCCESS.

01. Mission

We see employees as the cornerstone of an organization’s competitive edge. Our mission is to guide organizations in harnessing their workforce’s untapped potential by eliminating linguistic and cultural barriers enabling employees to fully express and demonstrate their inherent talents.

02. Vision

Our vision is to lead as the top provider of exceptional work-related English, ESL, and cross-cultural communication management services.  We strive to create a world where language and cultural barriers are no longer a hindrance to professional growth and development.

03. Values

We embody a set of core values that guide our every action, ensuring a transformative experience for our clients and partners.  We embrace a customer-centric approach rooted in respectful communication and collaboration.  We conduct our business with unwavering ethics and passion. We believe in empowering individuals to flourish in all pursuits and celebrate successes as our own.

Welcome to LENa Institute!

While we officially started in 2021, our roots go way back.  Lena Shaqareq, the founder, has been deeply involved in the ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) field for nearly 15 years in different capacities. Even before our official launch, Lena was out there hosting workshops and sharing her expertise.  Lena’s journey took her through teaching TESOL (Teachers of ESOL) undergraduate courses as well as adult ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.  Along the way, she noticed something important – lots of adult ESL learners were hitting roadblock.  They were stuck, struggling to reach their language goals and snag the jobs they dreamed of due to language barriers. The traditional ESOL programs just weren’t cutting it – they lacked personalization and were too general.  That’s when inspiration struck.  Lena Imagined a different kind of English learning experience – one that enabled non-natives to achieve their goals and desired jobs.  And that’s how LENa Institute came to life!

Oh, and as for the name, a clever friend suggested using Lena’s name as an acronym that represents what she does – Learn English Naturally.  It’s like she was born for it!  

Rooted in this purpose, LENa Institute aspires to bridge language gaps, nurturing an environment where tailored English programs empower learners to thrive in their chosen paths.

About The Owner

Lena Shaqareq

Lena Shaqareq is a third culture kid with Arabic roots.  Born in Qatar, her educational journey took her through international and bilingual schools, ingraining in her a love for multiculturalism and languages. She later moved to the United States as a junior in high school and proceeded to graduate from the University of North Florida with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education with TESOL Concentration. Before starting LENa Institute, her professional experiences encompassed an array of impactful roles, from teaching and coordinating TESOL undergraduate courses to teaching ESL adults in higher education. Lena’s commitment to advancing language education extends beyond the classroom, to include  presenting at several conferences nationally and internationally, as well as publishing multiple books. She continued to acquire a certification from the University of Michigan in Cross-Cultural Management in order to enhance her work.  Beyond academia and ESL, Lena is an avid traveler, driven by a thirst to learn about the tapestry of culture and languages that enrich our world.  Lena has a love for music and playing the piano, and she loves to incorporate that in her work. See more of her accomplishments here: Curriculum Vitae

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