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If you are a hairstylist, this course is right  for you! This course helps you improve your English by focusing on the right words and phrases to use in a salon so you can deliver better service for your customers and feel more comfortable discussing their service with them.  You’ll learn lots of vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar structures that relate to your job.  You will practice talking about haircuts, colors, and other hair-related services.  The course includes 4 chapters with several lessons, videos, and quizzes in each.

1) Chapter one covers important vocabulary related to hair and hair services.

2) Chapter two covers basics of a customer’s visit such as making appointments and taking walk-ins.

3) Chapter three covers hair cuts and color and related vocabulary and phrases

4) Chapter four covers discussing hair problems with your customers. 

WIth example conversation scenarios, this course will help prepare you to feel more confident talking with your customers about their services.

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