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Published Books

Whether you’re seeking practical language tools or immersive stories, our published books serve as a valuable addition to your language learning journey. Embark on a literary adventure that enriches language fluency and fosters a lifelong love for learning.  

This practical resource guide is ideal for teachers who are working with English Language Learners of all ages and linguistic levels. It provides:

• hands-on, creative, fun learning of difficult language issues for English Language Learners

• original poems, each written to target a specific linguistic issue

• sample activities to go along with each poem to help make the content comprehensible

• suggestions for how to accommodate the activities for students with varying levels of language acquisition

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Get ready for a wild and wacky journey through the world of poetry with this book packed with fun, silly, and interactive poems that will have kids laughing and learning at the same time. From silly rhymes about monsters and aliens to playful verses, there’s something for every young reader to enjoy. With colorful illustrations, this book is the perfect choice for reading aloud or for encouraging independent reading. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or librarian, you’ll love sharing the joy of poetry with kids in your life.

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Rooted in TESOL: Language, Culture, and Theories is a roadmap for general K-12 educators who have “non-mainstream” students. Teachers will learn the very least they need to know to teach students from other    cultures and will learn to understand what they can expect from non-native English learners. By increasing critical knowledge of their own American cultural values, the reader will better understand the different cultural values of their students, especially as they relate to schooling and the classroom. By correctly interpreting the cultural cues    and body language of their students, teachers will understand why students of other cultures might behave differently. Raising our cultural consciousness leads us to understand different behaviors and helps us to adapt classroom instruction according to the language acquisition process English learners undergo. Only after much exposure to the issues and language acquisition process of ELs will the teacher be able to correctly distinguish  learning disabilities from problems in simple language acquisition. Finally, the reader will learn how to implement appropriate and effective strategies that ensure comprehensible instruction and assessment for the student who is not yet academically fluent in English.

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A journal for English language learners to build their vocabulary knowledge. The journal offers space to write down new English words, their meanings, a translation of the word, part of speech and space to practice using the new words by creating sentences over a week’s period.  You can use this journal as a reference to help you remember those new words. 

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An inspirational rhyming children’s book tells the story of how once upon a time in total darkness, fireflies decided    to get together to light up the sun to give the world light. This book’s message is about teamwork and the power in numbers.

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